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As we enter the last quarter of one of the most tumultuous business years in recent memory, we wanted to pause and share with our community what we are doing to ensure our direction remains aligned with our customer’s needs.

Our best ideas are their best ideas.

When we looked at all of the levers we have as a leading vendor to the MSP community, one of the constants for us has been the solid relationships we have with our clients. And while we did and do have a full slate of new developments scheduled for release in our solution, we decided to double down on understanding what our customers need most during this period of uncertainty. So we asked them – how are we doing as a trusted business partner? Here is what we’ve been obsessing over to get those customer-centric insights:

  • Customer Advisory Board – We launched a new Customer Advisory Board and had our first meeting last month. To be clear, we care about every client’s opinion on how to move MSPCFO forward, but a handful of partners took a few hours discussing with each other new ways for leveraging our solution.  We used a professional moderator and captured 2 key pieces of feedback from the meeting:
    1. Build user based metrics.  More and more people are moving from machine based pricing to user based pricing.  This is great, but we always struggled to capture user counts as the contacts table is not reliable.  We think we’ve figured it out.  Look for new metrics to be available by the end of the month.
    2. Benchmarks for type/subtype/item. This came up as we talked about what to do when clients find an “Is it us or is it them?”  issue.  How would one know? We’re looking closely at the data and outlier line-item metrics to help identify and find answers to just this question, stay tuned.

There was more feedback, but these are the top take-aways that give us direction for new features to add to our release roadmap. 

  • SmileBack NPS – SmileBack Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a system for finding out how customers feel about our overall business relationship. Customers of MSPCFO, know that sentiment analysis like this is near and dear to our hearts. We always want to know how we are doing and what opinions they have about our company, solution and services. To that point, we’ll be implementing the NPS micro-survey to each member of our install base. We’ve run the survey on a sample of our clients – those that have opened support tickets – and the results have been very insightful and our score thus far indicates we’re doing the right things right.

  • Customer Conversations – We wanted to know what our customers were experiencing and thinking about within the current business climate. We hope to  tap into their wisdom, understand how they are handling the challenges and what best practices they are using to not only survive but also thrive. So we are inviting them to share their stories with their peers and the community on a thought leadership webinar. The format is short and provides a casual dialogue to learn about common challenges and things each MSP can do to better understand their business financials.  Clients that want to share with the community a little about their own journey and how they are able to leverage metrics may contact us directly. 

  • Walkme – Announced in an earlier blog post here, we continue to integrate WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform into new components of the MSPCFO system.  This online support system delivers context-driven guidance & help right at the point where it’s most needed – at the report level – allowing users to be more productive 24/7. 

One of our core beliefs is to listen – to our customers. Our best ideas are their best ideas. We will continue to engage with them and hear what they tell us and deliver the game-changing analytics they need to be successful. Tell us how we’re doing. 

Please stay safe and healthy.