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In 2019 MSPCFO rolled out reports breaking down agreement efficiency based on four components. Included on this list of items was revenue per node and tickets per node

Customer Feedback Yields A New Report

A present challenge is that, more and more, agreements are not priced based on machines, but rather based on users. While we have long recognized this, our problem is that we could not put our fingers on a reliable user count. We did not fully trust the contact list in your PSA (no offense intended). We firmly believe that bad data is worse than no data. But thanks to a customer suggestion and some digging we can now get a report based upon accurate user counts by looking at the invoiced agreements and counting the user SKUs billed each month. This produces a more accurate tally than even the methodology we use for node counts. The new report is in the Efficiencies section of our solution. See the highlights in the screen capture below:

Agreement Screen Shot

Keep in mind, this report will not work for everyone. For the report to have value you need to have:

  • A user based SKU/Addition that you bill on your agreements.
  • That addition needs to be unit based (e.g. 10 users at $125/user, not 1 unit at $1250).

If you are interested in getting this level of insights on your PSA data please contact a member of our team by scheduling a meeting at this link

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