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We have great partners and get a lot of feedback and suggestions on ways to attain more value out of their MSPCFO subscriptions. A question came up recently regarding the current economic climate that prompted us to think about a subject for further analysis: How might staffing times change given The New Normal (TNN). Clients still have work days but the structure may have changed meaningfully.  Do you need to change your staffing to accommodate?

Ticket Entry Times

To help you answer that question, we have added a new report called Ticket Entry Times. 
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This report allows you to compare two time periods, before TNN and during. You can also filter by service boards to limit the analysis to only reactive tickets. In the example above, after reviewing the report the partner decided to allow some employees to shift their schedules to earlier in the day to handle the early tickets.  When we have shared this with other partners we have found some with no change in staffing needs and some where the report reveals the staff is needed later in the day. Do you know how your day has changed? Ticket Entry Times report will be helpful both now and again when we move to the next phase of TNN.  


The report is live today and in the Members Section and available to Premium and Enterprise subscriptions.


Watch this space as this is the first of many enhancements we’re developing to help you navigate safely through TNN. 


Other analyses in the works: 

  • Clients who have an increase in receivables days aging
  • Change in weekly tickets vs. historical average (early signs of downsizing at the client)
  • User disables per client
  • Capacity change as defined by change in time spent serving clients vs. past
  • Agreement modifier – when this tool is ready, you’ll be able to dial up (or down) the parameters of specific agreements to see effective rate, efficiency and profitability under a variety of scenarios. 

Stay safe and profitable.