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Reduce Ticket Resolution Time for Autotask and ConnectWise

Larry Cobrin Explains How Tickets Can be Costly and Actions to Take

MSPCFO software uncovers the reason some clients contribute less than their fair share – or even detract from – an MSP’s profits. Often the cause is not underpriced agreements but rather too much time spent resolving service issues.

MSPs across the country lose money every month due to the related issues of too many tickets and taking too long to resolve them. MSPCFO analyzes ticket-management issues and reports valuable information MSPs can use to turn mediocre and poor agreements into strong, profitable ones:

Why Reducing Service Time Generates More Profit

Benchmarking fixed-fee agreements against others in your client portfolio will show which machines generate ticket volumes far beyond the norm. The MSPCFO product also can show which IT team members take longer than their colleagues to fix specific ticket types and identify common issues within a client’s workforce that drain your MSP’s resources.

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Knowing Where to Look is Half the Battle

Finding a few clients whose tickets require two to three times longer to resolve than those entered by your typical client gives you a starting point for auditing internal procedures and training programs that can make your operations more efficient. You don’t have to fix your business; you just need to fix a specific problem and situation.

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