$300 Onboarding


$300 Onboarding

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$300 Onboarding


MSPCFO Support:
Onboarding calls to review data and highlight missing data in your PSA
Health Checks to make sure the data is accurate
Twice daily data feeds to make sure data is timely
Member Reports that will:
Show you how your employees are spending their time and how much revenue they generate
Provide you Fixed Fee Project Analysis and Attribution
Provide the metrics for productivity based compensation
Fixed Fee Agreement Analysis that includes:
Pricing efficiency by agreement, client and month
Detailed allocation of recurring revenue between product and labor
Key drivers of agreement pricing efficiency
Profit and Loss Statements for:
Clients as a whole or individually  
Aggregates by sales manager or custom aggregates  
Project by type or individually  
Client Ranking Analyses That Will:
Highlighting underperforming and outperforming clients  
Highlight which vertical markets are performing better or worse  
Revenue reports showing you:
Which clients are driving growth  
Other Features:
Customizable Dashboards  
Number of System Users 3 5 Unlimited
Number of Custom Reports 0 1 3
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are users?

Users are any person in your organization that has been granted a login to MSPCFO.  There are various levels of user entitlements.

Can I get additional users onto MSPCFO beyond the amount included in my plan?

Of course!  Each additional user is $10/user/month.

What PSAs does MSPCFO integrate with?

MSPCFO currently integrates solely with ConnectWise.

How safe is my information?

MSPCFO has invested significantly to ensure client data is safe and secure.    See more at

How will my subscription be billed?

MSPCFO is a monthly subscription in US dollars.  Your credit card will be billed monthly based on your billing date.  Any applicable taxes will also be charged in USD.

How do I add more users?

Adding users is simple. The main contact at the company can open a ticket through our ticketing system, providing us with the information required.

What does the Onboarding Fee cover?

The onboarding fee covers the time it will take to get you up and running smoothly with our product.  Typically, we see 2-3 calls with the user to get them accustom to the reports and analytics, but we do not limit the number of calls or interactions.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel your subscription directly within the MSPCFO application.  Simple navigate to Manage Subscription and you will see an option to cancel your subscription.  Your subscription will complete its billing cycle and you will not be billed again.