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MSPCFO’s Survey Shows 67% of MSPs May Be Leaving Money on the Table

MSPCFO recently conducted a survey of managed service providers.  The respondents were asked five questions related to pricing, profitability, monthly recurring revenue agreement health, and engineer efficiency.  In this post, we’ll share with you the results, their implications, and how you can take steps to ensure positive performance for your MSP using data from ConnectWise or Autotask presented in real-time with MSPCFO’s KPI-driven reports.

Is Your Pricing Optimized?

67% think they may be leaving money on the table

How confident are you that you are NOT leaving money on the table based on contract pricing? 

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Using MSPCFO to Optimize Pricing

The MSPCFO Client Segments Report shows which clients are underperforming so you can drill down for more detailed information on the root cause of the issue. 

Do You Truly Understand the Profitability of Your Contracts?

77% of MSPs said they are not super confident in their understanding of contract profitability

How confident are you in understanding the profitability of your contracts?​

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MSPCFO’s Agreement Profitability Report
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Do You Know What Drives Your Profitability?

40% of MSPs were not confident they can pinpoint the main sources of their profits
How confident are you in knowing the drivers of your contract profitability?  
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MSPCFO’s Efficiency Drill Down Report Highlights Drivers of Agreement Performance

The Efficiency Drill Down Report is one resource for identifying the contracts and agreements that are propelling success  and those that are dragging it down.

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Can You Identify Underpriced Agreements?

47% were not sure they could identify the fixed-fee agreements that cost them money

How confident are you in identifying underpriced contracts?


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MSPCFO’s Agreement Profitability Report

See the Performance of Agreement Categories and those agreements in that Category. You’ll see all engineering hours spent to service each client and the rates the client pays so you can instantly see which agreements fail to meet your benchmark contribution per hour.

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How Do Engineers Spend Their Time?

Only 20% are confident they always know what their technicians are working on

How confident are you in your ability to measure your engineers’ productivity?


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Member Billing Reports Deliver tools for Resource Management Scheduling Insights and Productivity Compensation

MSPs use MSPCFO’s Billing  reports to see what services engineers provide for each client, how much time they spend, and the revenue value of their work.

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What Contributes to Recurring Revenue?

46% don’t know where all their managed recurring revenue (MRR) comes from

Do you know what is contributing to your monthly recurring revenue (MMR) contract efficiency?

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The New Recurring Revenue Report Tracks Gains and Losses in Contracts Over Time

Use this report to help your MSP understand the actual movements in your  client relationships. 

MSPCFO's MRR Dashboard Reports

Instantly see MRR Growth, Decline, New Clients, and Lost Clients

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