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MSPCFO Hosts Sydney Hockett of Evergreen Services Group

Valuing Relationships and Businesses in the M&A Space

Larry Cobrin, founder, CEO, and host of MSPCFO’s Conversation Time with Larry sits down with Mergers and Acquisitions Professional Sydney Hockett to discuss her career progression to her role at Evergreen Services Group and her perspective on the MSP landscape.

Why Building Relationships is as Critical as Building Profits

Sydney reveals that after graduating with honors with a degree in economics from Notre Dame, she honed her skills in private equity due diligence and portfolio management. She was thrilled to find Evergreen Services Group, where she uses her people skills to strengthen professional communications and forge personal connections. She says this approach delivers several advantages:

Getting to know the people and the attitudes that form the backbone of the small-business economy
Changing attitudes and correcting misconceptions about private equity’s role in the MSP marketplace
Prioritizing the people in the investment firm environment, recruiting management talent, and evaluating the needs of potential sellers

She shares how this experience in working with MSP owners and executives gives her insight into the MSP marketplace and gives her the forum to explain Evergreen Services’ focus on the segment.  Watch the recording of our Conversation Time with Larry and learn more about how she sees the industry today and in the future.

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