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Webinar Series, Session 4.0

M&A Insights: Perspectives from Thought Leaders

David Williams
Corporate Development
Palmetto Technology Group
Jennifer Harty
Chief Financial Officer
Palmetto Technology Group

Learn Key Strengths Buyers Look for in MSPs/TSPs They Acquire

Our M&A Webinar 4.0 examines what’s attractive to an acquirer.  Our guests from Palmetto Group shared their perspectives on several questions Larry asked about the process, what they look for, and a few surprises.  Whether you are curious about what a firm like PTG “looks for,” you’re seeking to grow beyond what your own efforts can drive, or any number of other reasons – this interview is a “must-watch.”  


Learn how PTG’s approach to evaluating a MSPs/TSPs acquisition is influenced by their industry knowledge and why they are seeking “not-so-perfect” firms poised for organic growth. 


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