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MSPCFO eBook: Fixed Fee Agreement Pricing – Finding Your Sweet Spot

Learn how to match fees to service value for sustainable profits

If you’re like most managed service providers, you rely on fixed-fee agreements as your bread and butter. Clients served by these agreements deliver dependable revenues, allowing you to effectively budget for expenses, forecast demand, and develop business development strategies.

Strong Aggregate PSA Data Hides Lost Revenue and Flight Risks

Your MSP earns profits and retains clients by providing services commensurate with the fees they pay. While it is easy to determine the average hourly rate MSPs receive and the number of hours they devote to the average client, there are efficiencies to be gained by digging more deeply. Every MSP spends too much engineering time and technical resources servicing some clients than those companies pay in fixed monthly fees. Likewise, some clients’ fixed fees far exceed the services they receive. 

Optimized Efficiency and Effective Hourly Rates

MSPCFO’s free downloadable eBook shows MSPs how to examine their data on a per-client basis to discover which clients lie at either end of the spectrum so you can take steps to serve them more efficiently.

How to stop “giving away”
engineering service time​​

How to ensure you receive a
fair hourly rate of return

Where problems lie: hours per ticket
or revenue, hours, or tickets per endpoint

How to help underserved clients
take advantage of your services​

How to justify fee increases for
the most demanding clients​

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